Hi! I'm Aphiwad Chhoeun, Frontend Engineer.

Cambodia born and raised, now located in San Francisco, CA. I have great passion for clean, efficient, well tested code, and creating intuitive, dynamic user experiences. Currently, I'm focused on building core components and overall UI vision that powers Paramount+ and CBS .

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Thumbnail React hook `useEffect` pitfalls
React hook `useEffect` pitfalls
Most common pitfalls of useEffect hook
Thumbnail Guides for fetch API
Guides for fetch API
A handy guides on how to use fetch API
Thumbnail Essential skills for frontend engineers
Essential skills for frontend engineers
Some of the top skills that are important for a frontend engineer to have
Thumbnail Weather app with Next.js and OpenWeahterMap API
Weather app with Next.js and OpenWeahterMap API
Build weather app using OpenWeatherMap API
Thumbnail 3D Product Customizations
3D Product Customizations
Car Customizations with Three.js and React
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Car Model
3D car model with customization
Animated Island
Blend 3d Model with animation from Adobe Mixamo
Cards hover
Experiment with React Framer Motion
Warping Star Field
Experiment with threejs
Flock Simulation
Experiment with P5js